Custom Content Recognition


A lot of customers want to let their apps recognise their own audio & video contents with Audio Fingerprinting technologies to improve user experience and marketing effectiveness.

Normally, these contents include music, advertisements, television shows, movies and etc.

recognize music or ads by audio identification

ACRCloud supports CMS functionalities with Buckets, which are private containers for custom contents.

Customers can add contents they want to recognise into their own buckets by uploading files directly or sending only fingerprints through console APIs.

Service Performance

  • Recognition Rate: > 98% in normal environment.
  • Average Recognition Speed: 3~5 seconds.
  • Scalable Storage Capacity.
  • Dynamic Scaling for High Concurrency.

Privacy & Security

User Bucket and contents in it are only visible to the user who created them.

ACRCloud doesn’t save the original files of the uploaded files, only fingerprints of those files is needed for audio recognition, while fingerprints are leak-free and unreadable.

How to Get Started

Refer to the tutorial below to get started: