Offline Recognition

Identify Media without Network

Offline Recognition is useful for special environment without internet connection or with week signals such as cinema, subway, airplane.

Offline Recognition is done by storing the audio fingerprints index database into users’ phone.

offline audio recognition, identify music and songs

ACRCloud mobile SDKs support LOCAL mode which means the matching progress is done locally, No internet connection is needed.

Content Management

Actually, contents to be recognised should be uploaded to a Bucket ( Offline Bucket ) in advance, and then, an offline indexing database could by generated.

The way to download the offline indexing database into users’ phone is up to developers.

Each time the contents changes, the offline indexing database should be re-generated and updated to users’ phone too.

Service Performance

  • Recognition Rate: > 98% in normal environment
  • Average Recognition Speed: 3~5 seconds
  • Average Offline Database Size: 3~5 MB for contents of 1 hour.

How to Get Started

Refer to the tutorial below to get started: