Live TV Channel Detection

Second Screen

As more and more ( above 80% ) users use mobile devices while watching TV, second screen ( or multi-screen ) applications become a thing already.

Second Screen Apps work in this way:

  • Pre-designed contents and interactions are organised by marketing editors in the server end.
  • Apps identify the TV Channel and specific times with audio recognition while users are watching TV.
  • Detailed contents are triggered and retrieved from the server.

TV Channel Detection

multi second screen and live channel detection

TV Channel Detection is implemented by realtime Audio Fingerprinting. Audio Signals of TV Channel is processed ( fingerprinting and indexing ) in realtime while the TV plays.

App in the other hand records and processes ( fingerprinting & matching ) the audio of the TV program which user is watching. Fingerprints are compared online in realtime.

Once the TV Channel is detected, interactions and contents could be triggered and pushed to users.

Service Performance

  • Recognition Rate: > 98% in normal environment.
  • Average Recognition Speed: 3~5 seconds.
  • Dynamic Scaling for High Concurrency

TV Stream Sources

ACRCloud now supports detection of 50 Chinese TV Channels.

Users can use their own realtime TV streams or contact us ( ) for cooperation and customization.

How to Get Started

Refer to the tutorial below to get started