Media Monitoring (Music)

Radio Airplay Monitoring & Tracking

Building an automatic broadcast monitoring system for radio airplay is important in many scenarios such as:

  • Copyright Protection: Protect copyrights by knowing precisely when, where and how the content is being used.
  • Placement Confirmation: Identify & verify when and where the tracks are placed.
  • Statistics & Measurement: Track and measure placement performance across broadcast channels.
  • Analysis & Prediction: Analyse & predict digital trends of tracks or artists.

Music Monitoring Workflow

broadcast media monitoring music monitoring analysing

ACRCloud helps you monitor music with the same music fingerprint database as use for Music Identification.

ACRCloud provides monitoring program that takes the stream URL address of the broadcast channel as input and identifies audio snippets continuously to make sure accuracy and timeliness.

You can run and stop the monitor program as your wish. Detailed monitoring logs are saved automatically and can be retrieved by APIs.

Server Location

The monitoring program can be placed either on ACRCloud’s server or your own server ( LOCAL mode ) which is up to you.

For the following situations, it will be better to choose LOCAL mode for better performance and control:

  • The signal is in LAN ( Local Area Network ) which is not accessible for ACRCloud’s server.
  • The signal access speed of your server is much faster than ACRClouds’s server.
  • Music monitoring is not the only one functionality of your system.

Result Type

Raw Result ( Realtime )

The monitoring program keeps recognising songs being broadcasted, every match will be logged as a result respectively in realtime.

For example, a radio channel played “My Love” by Westlife for 30 seconds. The raw monitoring result may look like:

Time Track Artist Album
January 11 2016, 08:10:20 My Love – Radio Edit Westlife Coast to Coast
January 11 2016, 08:10:25 My Love – Radio Edit Westlife Greatest Hits
January 11 2016, 08:10:30 My Love Westlife Het Beste Uit De Mega Top 100 ’01


As you can see, even for the same version, there might be different track names and album names. The raw results are all right, but not always user-friendly.

Refined Result ( Non-Realtime )

Refined result means the program will make sure the results clean and user-friendly.

For the example above, refined result looks like:

Time Track Artist Album
January 11 2016, 08:10:20 My Love – Radio Edit Westlife Coast to Coast


Refined result will be about 5-10 minutes delayed compared to the raw result.

If you do not need the result in real time and do not want to refine data latter by yourself, refined result is your best choice.

How to Get Started

Refer to the tutorial below to get started: