Custom Streams Monitoring API

Custom Streams Monitoring Result API

Please get the “access_key” from the “Custom Streams” project and click the project name to find the “stream_id” on Stream Management page.

Get full day results:

This API will get full day results, change “YYYYMMDD” to change the date. If the date is the current day, then the results are till the moment you call this API. Timezone is UTC.{stream_id}/results?access_key={access_key}&date={YYYYMMDD}

Get the results of any past month:

This API will get full month monitoring results of any past month, change “YYYYMM” to select the month.{accress_key}/{stream_id}/{YYYYMM}.zip


Callback URL for Custom Streams Monitoring Results

You can set Callback URL for monitoring results by the following steps: select the project under Custom Streams Monitoring projects then click “Action” —> click “Set Result Callback” in the dropdown menu —> input the callback URL and click “Confirm”.

You will post “stream_id”, “stream_url”,”status” and monitoring results “data” (json format) to the callback URL

Field NameTypeDescription
stream_idstringthe stream id in acrcloud
stream_urlstringthe stream url
datastringthe monitoring result with json format
statusinteger0: no result
1: detected a result

PHP Examples:
For “JSON” Post Type:

For “Form” Post Type:


Callback URL for Custom Stream Status

You can set Callback URL for custom stream status by the following steps: select the project under Custom Streams Monitoring projects then click“Action” —> click ”Set State Notification” in the dropdown menu —> input “Callback URL” and click “Confirm”.

You can also setup the email notification by entering the “Email” and “Email Notification Frequency”.

action: POST
type: JSON

Fields description:

access_keystringproject access_key
stream_idstringstream id
statusstringstream status
codeintstream status code
typestringstream type (audio, video or unknown)
timestampstringstatus UTC timestamp

Status description:
0runningThe stream is working
1timeoutThe stream is currently not stable, no results will be shown at the moment, the system will try to rectify the stream, and in the meantime why not use another stream link.
4pausedThe stream is paused
6invalid URLThe stream URL has a problem, our system can not access the stream, please check the stream or change to another stream URL.
10deletedThe stream is deleted
12muteThe audio of the current stream URL is muted