Understand the Pricing

From ACRCloud, we offer developer three basic packages for request based service. Each of the package consists of fixed amount of request amount and hours of upload which developer can upload their own content for identifying purpose. Take standard package as example, it includes 20,000 valid requests and 50 hours of content uploads (Read in column). If you need to identify music from ACRCloud music database, please check the “ 80% fee added if any of your projects binds “ ACRCloud Music Database”. The package price will change accordingly when you hook the option. Same idea will apply for 3rd party ID integration and up to 20% discount for ACRCloud brand exposure.


Developer can switch their subscription before their service period ends to suit best for their price strategy.

For requests exceeded the contained amount, the additional requests will be charged by “ Extra Valid Requests Price” in the chart. For example if I subscribed package of standard and I have 35000 requests in a month time with my own content. The price will be calculated as 49USD (standard package) + (35000-20000)/1000*2.5 = 86.5 USD

For uploads which exceeded the package, the additional hours of upload is 0.1 USD / hour / month. For example I take package of Standard and I have 50 hour of contained upload and I uploaded 150 hour in additional, the monthly cost for hosting my own content is 150*0.1=15 USD

In above case, the final price, we take the request amount + the upload price together, so it is 86.5 + 15 = 101.5 USD