Humming Recognition is for invited users only, please contact us if you are interested.
Example of JSON result: music with ACRCloud Music bucket with Audio & Video Recognition project.


hummingHumming Recognition fields
acridACRCloud unique identifier
timestamp_utcServer time of sending results, UTC time zone
scoreHumming score
titleTrack title
albumAlbum fields
idIdentifier of the artists or album
nameName of the artists or album
artistsArtists fields
duration_msDuration of the track in millisecond
play_offset_msPosition of the recognition in millisecond
external_idsExternal standard code
isrcISRC code
upcUPC code
external_metadataExternal 3rd party IDs and metadata
trackTrack fields
genresGenres fields

ACRID, Title, Artist and Score are required fields.
Title and Score are required in value.