Broadcast Monitoring for Custom Content

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Monitoring Media on Radio & TV

Media Monitoring (Custom Content) Service helps you build the broadcast monitoring system for monitoring and tracking your own contents such as the advertisement, TV shows/series, songs and movies.

Let’s get started!


This tutorial shows how to manage your own audios. In case you don’t have test audios in hand, we prepared some: Download.

Unzip the downloaded file and you’ll find 6 audio files:

audio recognition test files

Step 1

Go to your dashboard, create a bucket as follow under Broadcast Monitoring.

Network Type is the type of bucket you want to use for online recognition projects or offline recognition projects.


Step 2

Upload my_song_1.mp3 into the bucket you just created.

After uploading, refresh the page, state “ready” which means you’ve uploaded the file successfully.

If you need to upload massive of content, please generate fingerprint files with Audio Fingerprinting Tool on your local server then upload fingerprinting files via Console API.

Step 3 – Select Channels in Broadcast Database (highly recommended)

Click “Broadcast Database” under Broadcast Monitoring on the left sidebar, click “Create Project” on the Broadcast Database Monitoring Projects page, browse the channels by selecting the continents -> countries -> channels or search the channels you want to monitor on the search bar, check the icon to select the channels then click “Create Project” and key in the “Project Name” and select your own bucket on the bucket dropdown list, then click “Create” to finish creating the project.

Step 4: Set Timemap (Optional)

Timemap allows you to browse the recording files of the channels that you are monitoring, you can set timemap by selecting the channels click “Set Timemap” icon and click “Update” on the popup page (You will need to pay if you didn’t buy the capacity before):

Step 5: Configuration

You can search the channels you are monitoring by Channel ID, Channel Name, Custom ID, Mytuner ID or City, You can also filter the channels by Channel Type and If they are set Timemap or not.

Click the download icon next to the search bar to download the list of the channels in this project;

Click “Edit” under Action to add/edit “Custom ID” of the channels, you can get these custom IDs via Callback URL;


Step 6: Get Results

  • Monitoring Results on Page: You can click “View” -> “Results” under “Action” to browse monitoring results, you can download the reports on this page.
  • Callback URL (highly recommended): It will push the results to your server, please refer to the doc here;
  • Monitoring API: You can call the endpoint to get the historical results, please refer to the doc here;
  • Timemap: You can click “View” -> “Timemap” under “Action” to browse Tiemmap data. You can download the recording files of the identified items via Recording API.

Custom Streams:

Step 3 – Create Projects

Create a custom streams project and bind your own bucket.


Step 4 – Add Custom Streams

Click on the name of the project just created to enter the project page. Add the radio stream URL to the project as the following picture shows.


  • To see the results quickly, choose “realtime” in the Config. However, if you want to have the played_duration data, please select “non realtime” in the Config.  Please select “non realtime and timemap” if you need Timemap (You will need to pay for the Tiemmap).

Step 5 – Get Results

Now, you can see the result in about 1 minute.

Monitoring Results: Click “View” -> “Results” under “Actions” to browse results on page.
Timemap: Click “View” -> “Timemap” under “Actions” to browse Timemap data.

Monitoring API

With Monitoring API, you can access the monitoring results in many ways as you wish, we do suggest you use Callback URL to get the monitoring data.

Console API

ACRCloud also provides Console API to help you manage ( add, update, delete, pause, start ) your streams automatically and easily.

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