Recognize Audios without Internet Connection

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Audio Identification in Offline Environment

Offline Recognition Service enables apps recognize audios without the need of internet connection.

Let’s get started!


In case you don’t have test audios in hand, we prepared some: Download.

Unzip the downloaded file and you’ll find 6 audio files:

audio recognition test files

Step 1

Go to your dashboard, create a bucket.

audio identification offline bucket

Step 2

Upload my_song_1.mp3 into the bucket you just created.

identify audio file

Step 3

Create an Offline Recognition project and bind the bucket you just created.

audio identification offline project

Step 4

Download the Offline DB.

audio recognition offline download

Step 5

Follow one of our programming demos ( LOCAL mode ) to recognize a song. You can use my_song_1_noisy.wav you just downloaded for test.

Step 6

See Custom Content Metadata to get familiar with the JSON structure of the response data for future development.