Example of JSON result: music with ACRCloud Music bucket with Audio & Video Recognition, Broadcast Monitoring and Hybrid Recognition projects. If you want to see the music metadata fields for ACRCloud Broadcast Monitoring projects, please refer to this doc.


musicMusic fields
acridACRCloud unique identifier
timestamp_utcServer time of sending results, Timestamp of the song started for custom monitoring, UTC time zone
musicMusic metadata
titleTrack title
albumAlbum fields
idIdentifier of the artists , album or 3rd parties fields
nameName of the artists or album
artistsArtists fields
duration_msDuration of the track in millisecond
play_offset_msThe time position of the audio/song being played (millisecond)
external_idsExternal standard code
isrcISRC code
upcUPC code
external_metadataExternal 3rd party IDs and metadata
trackTrack fields
genresGenres fields
labelMusic label information
release_dateRelease data of the track, format:YYYY-MM-DD
spotifySpotify fields
deezerDeezer fields
lyricfindLyricFind fields
lfidLyricsFind's lyric ID
youtubeYouTube fields
vidYoutube video ID
*db_begin_time_offset_msPosition of beginning of the recognition on database file (millisecond)
*db_end_time_offset_msPosition of end of the recognition on database file (millisecond)
*sample_begin_time_offset_msPosition of beginning of the recognition in sample file sent by SDK/API (millisecond)
*sample_end_time_offset_msPosition of end of the recognition in sample file sent by SDK/API (millisecond)
*played_durationActual duration of the track played in the streams, in second (This field is only available for Broadcast Monitoring service in filtered mode, please contact us if you need accreted data for this field. )
scoreMatch confidence score.
Range: 70 - 100
lyricsLyrics related metadata
copyrightsPublishers or copyright organizations for lyrics
contributorsContributor information for this track
composersComposers of the song
lyricistsWriters of the lyrics
musicbrainzMusicBrainz Identifier - MBID
iswcISWC - International Standard Musical Work Code
languageLanguage of the song, ISO 639-1 codes
#rights_claimAll relevant metadata fields to determine rights owners, available territories and rights claim policy for UGC platforms. These metadata fields are for copyright compliance users only.
#distributorInformation of distributor for this track
#idDDEX Party ID of the distributor, this ID won't change.
#nameName of the distributor, This name might be changing from time to time.
#rights_claim_policyRight policy for UGC platforms, the value options are "Monetize", "AsPerContract" and "BlockAccess".
#rights_ownersRights owners' name, example: [{"name":"Warner Music Group", "share_percentage":100}]
#territoriesTerritory codes for Included territories, ISO country codes applied.
#excluded_territoriesTerritory codes for excluded territories, ISO country codes applied.
#share_percentagePercentage of the rights share for each rights owners.
#release_by_territoriesRelease details by territories, indicate the release date for territories.

Please note: Only ACRID, Track Title, Artists Name and Album Name fields are required, other fields are optional.

* fields are visible in Broadcast Monitoring service only, if you want to use these fields in recognition service, please contact us.

#fields are visible for the projects with copyright compliance option only.