Recognize Custom Content

Identify your custom content via media files or microphone with internet connections.

Custom Content Recognition Service enables your product (apps or server side software) to recognize your own songs, advertisements, TV shows/series or movies by sounds.

This service is for detecting your custom content, if you want to recognize music with ACRCloud Music bucket, please refer to Recognize Music.


This tutorial shows how to manage your own audios. In case you don’t have test audios in hand, we prepared some files, you can download the files below.

Unzip the downloaded file and you’ll find 6 audio files:

Create an account

Sign up an account on this page and click the link on the verification email to complete the registration.

Create a custom bucket

Go to your dashboard, create a bucket as follow.

Network Type is the type of bucket you want to use for online recognition projects or offline recognition projects.

Upload the files to the bucket

Upload my_song_1.mp3 into the bucket you just created.

After uploading, refresh the page, state “ready” which means you’ve uploaded the file successfully.

If you need to upload massive of content, please generate fingerprint files with Audio Fingerprinting Tool on your local server then upload fingerprinting files via Console API.

Create a project

Create a project and bind the bucket you just created to it.

Find the credentials

Save the “host”, “access_key”, “access_secret” of your project. You can find them in the places shown below.

Integrate with SDK/API

Start sending requests with Mobile SDK, Backend SDK, Identification API or File Scan Tool. You can find all of the SDKs and Tools on this page.‌

For using our SDKs to scan files, SDKs will use 10 seconds of an audio clip for the recognition of a single request, you will need to send multiple requests to 1 file with different parts of the file if you want to get results from different parts of 1 file.

Manage via Console API

Basically you can manage everything you see above via the Console API below:


Check out Custom Files Metadata to get familiar with the JSON structure of the response data for future development.

Pricing and Discount

You will have 14 days for the free trial after registration. You can find the pricing on this page (login required).

Please feel free to add a credit card to upgrade to the paid customer to unlock more capacity if you are happy with our service.

Please refer to Branding Guidelines to place our brand on your products and contact us for up to 20% off discount!