Live Channel Fingerprinting Tool


  • The Live Channel Fingerprinting Tool (Download) is used for extracting and uploading features from live TV channel streams in real-time.

  • After the app is integrated, our SDK can detect your channels by recording the audio for just a few seconds in real-time.

  • We assume that this tool will be running on your server, which already has quick network access to the streams so that our system guarantees the Real-Time performance to detect the live channels.


  • Before using this tool, you must register on our platform and log into your dashboard.

  • Sign up now for a free 14 day trial:

  • Create a “Live Channel” bucket and add the url of your streams into it.

  • Create a console access key pairs on account page and input this key pairs to your client.conf file

  • Input your Live Bucket Name to the client.conf file.

  • Run the

  • Create a “Live Channel Detection” project and attach the bucket which contains your chosen stream urls.

  • Then you can use our SDK to detect the current stream.


How to run:

1) Download the tool.

git clone live_stream_client

2) Enter the operating system you use.

cd Linux/x86-64

3) Edit the client.conf file and replace the console key pairs ( access_key, access_secret ), bucket_name with your own.

python client.conf


nohup python client.conf &

How to update/add stream URL:

1) Update/add stream URL to the Live Channel Bucket on the Console

2) Kill process in your server.

ps -ef | grep | grep -v grep | awk '{print $2}'| xargs kill -9

3) Restart the

python client.conf


nohup python client.conf &

How to use the timeshifted feature?

  1. Create a LiveTimeshift bucket, set the bucket type “LiveTimeshift”.

  2. Enable the timeshift feature for the live channels in the Live bucket

  3. Import the live channels to the LiveTimeshift bucket

How to check the live fingerprinting status?

  1. Login to your account from Console

  2. Make sure you are in the region where you send the live fingerprinting

  3. Click “Live channel” under the bucket

  4. Click in the bucket you build for the channels and see each status of the channel

Processing: The real-time fingerprint of the stream has not yet reached the platform.

Ready: The fingerprint of the live stream is ready for detection

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