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3rd Party ID Integration

We integrate popular 3rd party music related services to display their ID’s in our recognition results, this means our clients can easily link our recognition results with other services.

Supported 3rd party IDs:

Brand Exposure

If you choose the plan with “Brand Exposure Required” then please follow the rules to expose our brand appropriately within your project. Place the text, logo and link where you use or display the recognition results.

For more information of how to expose the brand please refer to Branding & Attribution Guidelines.

Broadcast Monitoring Status




The stream is working


The stream is currently not stable, no results will be shown at the moment, the system will try to rectify the stream, and in the meantime why not use another stream link.

Invalid URL

The stream URL has a problem, our system can not access the stream, please check the stream or change to another stream URL.


The stream was paused temporarily, you may need to restart the stream.

Valid Request

Valid Requests = Requests with results + Requests with no results/2

Monitoring Type

Monitor streams on ACRCloud: The streams will be captured on ACRCloud, you will need to collect the internet stream URLs and input them on ACRCloud system.

Monitor streams on your local server: The streams will be captured on your own server, this option requires you to prepare your own server to capture streams but the recognition part will be done on ACRCloud system.


To clarify our terminology in EDM and mixes:

Speed Scaling: If both scales of time and speed are changed proportionally, we call this a change in “speed”: the song is played faster and at the same time at a higher pitch. This can be achieved by simply changing the rotational speed of the turntable, or by modifying the sampling rate of a digital media player – while keeping the sampling rate of the audio encoding unchanged.

Tempo Shifting/Time Scaling: Changing the time scale only will be referred to as a “tempo” change: here, the audio is sped up or slowed down without observable changes in pitch.

Pitch Shifting/Frequency Scaling: If only the frequency scale is modified but time is not scaled, this will be called pitch shifting.

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